What We Offer

Import & Export Declarations

We provide customs declarations for a wide range of cargo going to and coming from all over the world. So whether you're buying into or selling out of the UK, buying from, or selling to anywhere in the world, we can ensure that your documentation complies with the varying regulations and legislation involved in world trade.

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EUR1 Certificates

We provide a service raising and stamping EUR1 preference certificates on request, including extract EUR1s from an existing certificate(s).

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Account Use

We have established relationships and hold accounts with several service providers throughout the supply chain and we extend this facility to our customers for a small fee. This can help to ensure a smooth process once the consignment lands in the UK and avoids any administration delays with delivery.

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KPI Reporting

With advanced databases for all services, we offer in depth KPI reports catered to your needs and available at your discretion.

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We are responsible for clearing around 20,000 tonnes of citrus fruit per year and everything that is involved in ensuring the smooth transit from grower to store.

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We provide customs clearance on upwards of 3500 tomato consignments a year by road and by sea, including the necessary DEFRA applications. Our advanced excel worksheets ensure that the correct duty/security values are calculated and declared to HMRC and our customs entries are audited weekly.

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